ScreenShots of a Directory Diff
Notice that
  • The diff shows directories deleted and not their children unless you open the directory to see it's children
  • The colors are the same as a file diff
  • Files that couldn't be read show up in gray(this could be for a few reasons. Among them are File being locked or having no permission to read the file)
  • The files are in a semi-tree semi-flat view so you do not have to dig and dig for changed files.
  • You can minimize some folders and ignore them easily.

Some other added features are
  • Tooltips which tell you whether the file was added, deleted, changed, or moved.
  • Ability to double click a file to see the differences
  • (Future enhancement) Ability to filter out files and folders
  • (Future enhancement) Ability to change the status of a directory/file to moved at which point it will rediff the directory.
ScreenShot of a File Diff